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Healthy Eating Tips on the Road - January 2019

Most Professional Drivers report that Truck Stops lack options; and healthier foods come at a premium. If you are looking to make some quick adjustments to improve your health, here are a few tips that not only cost effective, but convenient for those who have limited time:

  • Prepare in advance
  • Bring water, ditch the pop (if it's not there you can't drink it)
  • Pack space saving-snacks that will curb your appetite while improving your nutrition (Cheerios, hard boiled eggs, canned tuna, whole almonds, bananas, carrot sticks, peanut butter and crackers, etc)

One Professional Driver provided us some excellent ideas that she uses in response to our social media outreach on healthy eating:

Tammy Heather: “I Opt to clean and package all my fruits and veggies. It takes me about an hour to package everything. I use large freezer bags to itemize things and I have paper plates and plastic cutlery. My fridge is just a stand-up cooler and I can fit everything for a week. Hard boiled eggs, tuna salad on a leaf of romaine lettuce (can sub with spinach) and cases of water. No pastas or breads so I don’t get sleepy from a Carb overdose. The days I’m not unloading I go for walks.

I can stay out 7 days with my food. If I’m in the States most Walmart’s allow trucks to park to buy groceries. Plus, it’s cheaper in the States.”

On the lifestyle tips, Tammy also informed us:

“I have friends who go to gyms, they call ahead to find parking. Some truck stops are even getting workout rooms.”


Thank you, Tammy!


Susan Febbo - August 1, 2018:

"Juicing for health on the road! We never get enough veggies while on the road, but juicing is an easy way to keep healthy. The collapsible bucket I got from Canadian Tire and the Juicer is a Cold Press Omega."

Ron McCallum takes us through the planning and prep for a healthy, gourmet meal on the road - July 17, 2018


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