Temp Controlled (Pharma)

  • Compliant with Health Canada Guide 69 for the transport of pharmaceutical products
  • Over 21,000 loads without a temperature deviation
  • Sharp validates all Trailers.
  • Compliant with all Government Regulations
  • Pharmaceutical HazMat, Controlled Goods, some Dangerous Goods, Chain of Custody
  • Sharp employs full-time Quality and Sanitation Personnel
  • State of the art technology, new equipment, New trucks and reefers
  • Live temperature monitoring on all Trailers, with 2 redundant back-up systems
  • Our technology and software allow us to monitor, track and control temperature on our Reefers remotely (for security and control purposes, Trailer controls are disabled)
  • Temperature reports can be exported for customers upon request
  • Complete visibility, able to provide live tracking/geofencing information of all trucks and trailers. Customers can watch live with 3 different software systems. As soon as a truck or trailer enters a geofence, we receive an email stating the unit's location
  • Advanced telemetry system, iBright used for our refrigerated fleet, allows us to monitor speed and location. Able to pinpoint exact location of a unit to the exact parking spot in a parking lot.
  • We can set temperatures on the Reefer Units and receive automatic emails if there is a variance in temperature range. We also receive alerts if the reefer has any type of malfunction
  • Trailers, every 30 minutes run a self-diagnostic (252 diagnostic points). If a fault code is detected, we receive an immediate alert which is then communicated to affected Drivers/Units
  • This system streamlines repairs and prevents breakdowns, saving time and money, which allows us to serve our customers better with less issues
  • Trailer Numbers on roof – Can be spotted from 10,000 ft
  • 24/7 On-Site Security



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